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Embody your power.


Align mind, body, and spirit.


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Ignited Life and Business is...


A transformational self-paced business and personal development program combining spirituality, conscious communication, nervous system regulation, and emotional liberation and mastery.

 The 12-week curriculum includes instructional videos, adjoining practical exercises, guided meditations and breathwork, and mentorship and teachings from some of the most powerful business and personal development leaders.

Feel like an imposter? Burnt Out? Overwhelmed?


These are happening due to unprocessed trauma and a dysregulated nervous system that leads to misalignment in your life and business.

Making more money from a place of alignment, joy and deep fulfillment, and living a connected, loving life happens when we learn how to process emotions and regulate our nervous system.

Then, it all becomes easy!




And we've been where you've been and utilized these simple & practical tools, teachings and mentors we are about to share with you to build our business & to enhance our life.


Hi, I'm Natalie.

I wanted to share a bit about my long journey to becoming a coach. 

First, I was a high school English teacher. Then, I was laid off in the CA teaching budget. And, then I created a low-calorie cocktail mixer because I was drowning my teaching sorrows in a margarita and realized I could make it better (true story). 

Creating Bare Organic Mixers was my first step into becoming an entrepreneur. Those were the days when I couldn’t even spell “entrepreneur” without sounding it out as I was writing it. 

I spent 8 years of my life wearing all of the business hats and learning all my life and business lessons the hard way through my failures and mistakes.  After learning how to create, brand, and market, I sold the company 

One day, I woke up and realized that I was completely burned out. I spent my entire 20’s building a product-based business that I was proud of but no longer inspired by. 

I felt like I was constantly pushing a boulder up a hill, and I finally recognized that I needed to be in alignment with my mission to feel peaceful and be successful. I set an intention to sell the company, and 6 months later, I did. 

Then, I assessed what I really wanted to be doing with my life, and I decided that I wanted to teach people how to be happy and how to personally develop from the inside out. And that’s just what I manifested. 

I teach a communications course called The Pursuit of Happiness at UCSD. I also coach corporate companies and entrepreneurs using a step-by-step process I developed called “The Alignment Method” in how to consciously communicate to create alignment on their teams and increase profits. 

I am happy to say that I love what I do every day, and I feel very much in alignment. I am so excited to partner with Marina and co-teach the content we’ve both learned the hard way, so you can learn it the easy way and find success and fulfillment in the most efficient and effective way.

Hi, I'm Marina.

I've been a coach for 6 years now, and when I started, my journey looked like jagged ups and downs (with a downward trajectory).

Back then, every little rejection in my business would TAKE ME OUT.

My life looked like a consistent, predictable graph of ups and downs, based on the money coming in + the clients saying yes to working with me.

It felt terrible internally, and externally - I wasn't getting the money and fulfillment I wanted so much.

I sensed in my gut that I am meant to create something huge and world changing, I'm meant to impact thousands of humans, but it just wasn't happening.


I discovered somatic work. Nervous system work from within the body changed the trajectory of my entire life.

When I learned how to self soothe and regulate my nervous system, when I started to heal a lot of trauma that actually drove my reactivity within my business, both my life+business blew up (in a good way;))

This is what it looks like now:

Clients pouring in.

I shifted my business from nutrition coaching -> nervous system trauma healing work (felt so much more aligned!) and run my business based on intuition and inspiration, not pushing and forcing

I created deeper intimacy with my partner

I made way more money than I ever expected, and easily!

And I laughed more. So much more.

And when I didn't laugh - I knew what to do so that it wouldn't take me out and shut me down for days.

I am ridiculously passionate about this work.


Because I believe in trauma-informed coaching. I believe this is the medicine the world needs, and YOU have that medicine to deliver! I believe that when you learn to really process your own trauma, the light you emit in this world will become magnetic and unstoppable, and everything will feel so easy.

When you start leading in this way, your leadership becomes your own medicine & others' medicine. It helps you get the business results you want, and it helps you mentor others to do the same simply through your own presence and example.

If You Are...

A service-based entrepreneur who feels stuck instead of in flow 

A lightworker who feels tapped out instead of tuned in 

A coach, therapist, healer, or teacher who is overwhelmed, overgiving, and underpaid 


If You Desire To...

Embody ease and alignment in your life and business, as work turns into play

Expand your view of what’s possible and work from inspiration rather than deprivation

Elevate your business and bank account to the next level

Embody aliveness and celebration

This Program Is For You...

If you feel curious, intrigued, or excited as you read this, then we'd love to welcome you into this journey with us!

Here's what you get in this 12-week program:

  • Weekly video modules released in your private membership area
  • Practical exercises for embodiment and integration
  • Guided meditations
  • Guided breathwork
  • Weekly expert guest speakers who are leaders in their field


The power of healing.

If you're a coach, healer or lightworker, healing isn't optional. Healing is the path, the work, and the roadmap to your greatest personal and professional liberation and triumph.

Our Award-winning Guest Speakers


Alec Stern

Entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and investor. He's been a Co-founder or founding team member of 8 startups with 5 exits - 2 IPOs and 3 acquisitions. As a primary member of Constant Contact's founding team, Alec was one of the original 3 who started the company in an attic. Alec was with the company for 18 years from start-up to IPO, to a $1.1 Billion-dollar acquisition.

Alissa Boyer

Alissa Boyer is a Mentor for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). She's the creator of several online programs where she teaches HSPs how to reduce overwhelm, manage their energy, and fully embrace who they are. Alissa is also the host of a podcast called The Sensitive & Soulful Show, and a writer for the award-winning HSP blog, Highly Sensitive Refuge.


Jordan Dann

Jordan Dann is a dynamic and innovative psychoanalyst and educator. Her training as a Gestalt therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Imago Relationship Therapist; as well as her many years coaching and directing actors, has fostered her desire to help individuals and couples become more free and expressive. Jordan believes in meeting each client where they are and working collaboratively to illuminate what each person needs to create a path towards fulfillment, growth, and healing.

Mark Wolynn

Author of IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle, winner of the 2016 Silver Nautilus Book Award in psychology

Steffo Shambo

Steffo Shambo is the founder of The Tantric Man Experience. The #1 masculine mentorship program in the world, where he’s helping men master confidence, sexuality, & purpose, to reignite the passion in their relationship or attract a meaningful relationship.

Craig Segal

Craig Siegel is a value-based and high energy Keynote Speaker, Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, Online brand exploder, Master Elevator, Host of the record-breaking podcast, The CLS Experience, and rising thought leader, as featured in Entrepreneur and endorsed by some of the world’s most well-known celebrities, such as Rob Dyrdek, Ed Mylett, Bethany Hamilton, Suzanne Somers and NFL Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins.

Kyla Durkach

Kyla Derkach is a Human Design Expert, Certified Astrologer and Quantum Business Coach. She is the founder of HATHA ASTRO and is dedicated to helping soulpreneurs & leaders expand spiritually & financially with embodied energetics and aligned strategy.

Jason Bernardo

Creator of The Art of the Lover and masculinity coach, Jason helps men and couples access their true liberation and freedom in partnership by teaching them the tools of sexual mastery and intimacy.

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